Tuesday 25 February 16:00 - 17:30

IOE room 828
20 Bedford Way

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ADAPT to Thrive

Science & Technology


Prof Geraint Rees, UCL Faculty of Life Sciences

Prof Maria Fitzgerald, UCL Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology

Dr Ivan Pavlov, Medical Research Council


Paper rejections stacking up? Grant proposal rejected? How do others productively deal with ‘failure’ in their careers? 

 The Academic Careers Office is partnering with the Neuroscience Careers Network to organize the next event in the ADAPT to Thrive series on failure. Taking risks and failing is an integral part of building a research career. By sharing the experiences of researchers at different career stages, including a researcher who left academia, the ADAPT event series provides early career researchers with support by showcasing how failure and success walk hand in hand. 

ADAPT to Thrive will:

  • Normalise speaking out about failure and reducing stigma.
  • Help build a more resilient academic community by facilitating conversations and allowing early and mid-career researchers to find support networks.
  • Shift the perception of risk and encourage early and mid-career researchers to take new approaches to their careers and pursue unconventional ideas.

This event features three speakers discussing their experiences of failure within an academic/research context. After their presentations, there will be more informal discussion in smaller groups with the speakers. The session will end with an introduction to resilience from an Adapt to Grow coach.

The event will be followed by a drinks reception and refreshments for further networking and discussion. 

Previous talks in the event series can be found in the ADAPT to Thrive website - https://www.adapttothrive.co.uk/


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