Wednesday 28 September 16:00 - 18:30

One Moorgate Place
1 Moorgate Place

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Cashing in on Automation

Science & Technology

ROI Roadshow | Cashing in on Automation Software Quality Engineering and Test Automation to drive successful digital transformation

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Insufficient resource management planning and lack of IT scale and talent can be substantial hurdles to digital transformation. Quality Engineering offers considerable support for organisations on their change journey and delivers sizeable ROI, with software automation playing a significant part.

This event is a must for anyone planning digital change, encountering bottlenecks in their current integration, upgrade and implementation projects, or seeking ways to use their IT systems to improve productivity, collaboration, efficiency and customer experience.

Register your interest now to join independent quality engineering company ROQ and advanced design and validation solutions provider Keysight to find out how a collaboration of your data and knowledge with our software expertise and automation portfolio can deliver successful projects with a high ROI.

Post-event networking and refreshments will be provided.


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