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Created by Humans. Augmented by AI

Science & Technology

Step into the world of 'Created by Humans. Augmented by AI' for an inspiring event celebrating and showcasing what is possible today

Created by Humans. Augmented by AI

Ever wondered how AI could shape and power up your content and storytelling?

'Created by Humans. Augmented by AI' is all about the awesome ways AI is getting into the creative groove right now. This isn't about efficiency or naval gazing – it's the real deal, happening today, showing us new ways to express ourselves and bring ideas to life.

With Untold Fable, our content production company at the helm, championing diversity in the creative world through our huge network of over 3,500 creators, we believe it's crucial to talk about the bigger picture too. This means looking at how we work with AI ethically and how we handle the tricky bits, legally speaking. We're all in this together, figuring out how to move forward in the best way possible.

Here's what we'll dive into:

Production: Let’s get real about what AI can do, from reimagining the creative process, making it more collaborative and dynamic to crafting captivating content streams.

Creative: Our experts will be showcasing the cutting edge work they have done recently to show how AI can enhance creative. From deepfakes to creating models of family members.

Legal: AI comes with its share of legal complexities, especially in advertising. Expert in the field, Rebecca Steer will share real cases, insights on best practices and legal considerations when leveraging AI as a creative partner.

About the speakers:

Omar Karim, pioneering creative director and AI image maker
Omar has transformed storytelling with his blend of art and technology. With over 14 years of experience collaborating with top fashion and lifestyle brands including Nike, Burberry, Prada, ASICS, BBC, Nokia, Sony and Beats by Dre he has earned a reputation for pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

More recently, Omar has been at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field of AI for creativity. During his time at Meta, he began exploring the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance the creative process, and has since become a leading voice in this emerging space.

Drawing on his deep understanding of design, art, and technology, Omar has developed a unique approach to image-making that blends traditional techniques with cutting-edge AI tools. His work reflects a passion for experimentation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of visual storytelling.

Omar's passion for exploring the potential of AI in creative expression continues to drive his work. In his latest project, he created the first physical camera with an AI brain. This cutting-edge technology is capable of "imagining" scenes and creating stunning images that challenge our perceptions of what is possible.

Through this project and others, Omar is pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with AI, and is helping to pave the way for a new era of creative expression. His dedication to innovation and his commitment to exploring the potential of AI is truly inspiring, and he remains one of the most exciting figures in the field of creative technology.

Norts, co-founder, The Peeps
Formerly a session musician, ad copywriter and agency creative director, Richard Norton aka Norts made the seemingly left-field decision to move into creative AI way back in 2018. Together with his fellow Peeps co-founder Derek Ahmedzai, he has subsequently sailed a weird adventure applying AI commercially for a myriad of brands, agencies and PR businesses.Highlights include making a giant AI art installation for Durex, subverting the 2022 Qatar World Cup with digital rainbow flags, crafting the world's first AI gin, and creating an AI science curator and activist who has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Brian Cox and Hannah Fry.On their journey, Norts and Derek have also had the good fortune to snaffle a bunch of industry awards for their efforts including a DMA Gold and a Drum Award.

Rebecca Steer, Lawyer

A specialist commercial, IP, media and tech lawyer with considerable in-house counsel and private practice experience, Rebecca is qualified to advise on UK law and is ranked as one of the top lawyers in Bristol and the South West for Tech, Media and IP in Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 publications. Rebecca holds a Post Graduate Diploma in UK, USA and European Copyright and Related Rights from Kings College London and is a speaker at various industry conferences, think-tank sessions and work shops. She founded Steer & Co in 2005 and is now a Partner at Charles Russell Speechlys. Specialties: Media, IP and Technology law.

This will be a sparkling evening of inspiration, knowledge sharing and storytelling for innovators, dreamers, and anyone keen on exploring the future of creativity and marketing. This is your invitation to explore the possibilities of partnering with AI.

Kate Untold, Founder and CEO, Untold Fable

Kate launched Untold Fable the sustainable, diversity-led production company on a mission to change our industry, democratising access to opportunities for talent and making diversity the norm, not the exception. Its proprietary technology platform can track and report DE&I data across every brand production. Untold Fable's platform houses its ever-growing global network – more than 3,000 talented production creatives of all levels and unlimited skill-sets who it commissions on projects with the world’s biggest brands including Nike, Bayer, HSBC, Meta, Bumble. Untold Fable is proud to have built a fully flexible, collaborative business model that reflects how clients want to work now, delivering digital-first content that lands their strategic challenges and connects with their audiences. As well as driving their mission at every stage.Previously, Kate founded video content marketplace The Smalls. She was voted one of The Times 100 most innovative entrepreneurs in 2019. She regularly speaks at industry events including Cannes Film Festival, DMexco, New Fronts, LDV Summit and has been featured as a guest contributor for The Drum and Campaign discussing the need for increased diversity in advertising and production and has featured on BBC Business, London Live and The Times.

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