Friday 28 February 18:00 - 19:00

University of Westminster - Regent Campus
309 Regent St

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Difference Festival - Medical Truth as a Metaphysical Phenomenon

Science & Technology

Medical Truth as a metaphysical phenomenon, the event is part of the Difference Festival

This presentation asks some questions about what medical truth is, when it is a human, that is the subject of investigation. Illness must always have an aspect that is open to interpretation and both ancient Chinese theory and modern psychoneuroimmunological theory suggest a wider social and cultural foundation to health and wellbeing that moves away from logical positivism. Scientific objectivity is always changing but much of medical meaning is in its use; general medical truth tends to be conservative, while therapy is more innovative. Chinese medicine has a foundation based on metaphorical metaphysics. A specific example of pulse reading from a Chinese medicine perspective will allow for participants to try out this method and see how we can make sense of the world and ourselves, utilising both intuition and categorisation.

The presentation will be followed by a drinks reception


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