Thursday 10 October 18:30 - 21:30

Unit London
3 Hanover Square


Dylan Gebbia-Richards | Animus | Private View |10th October

Performing & Visual Arts

This October, we present the transcendent works of Dylan Gebbia-Richards - who aims to inspect the "enormity of the natural world."

“Animus is the Jungian word for the instinctive sense. When we think of instinct, we think of a cheetah chasing an antelope or something equally basal and related to the animal kingdoms. Instinct is how we connect with ourselves beyond just relating to the thoughts we have ABOUT ourselves. These paintings are my attempt to connect with that core – the soul element of who I am.” – Dylan Gebbia-Richards

The artist embarks on a discovery of the physical manifestations of his scientific background. His geological creations, reminiscent of the landscape in Gebbia-Richards’ hometown, demand the space they inhabit in a similar way that agriculture might scale and dominate a building if left to its own devices.

Gebbia-Richards’ practice explores the synthesis and artificiality of human-made environments, and how colour and scale work alongside one another to captivate the viewer. The artist combines melted paraffin wax with pigments; by making his paints, Gebbia-Richards fabricates a sense of control over the otherwise erratic pieces. The unpredictability of his process ultimately wins the battle, rendering his pieces all the more intriguing as it mirrors our inability to control and dominate the elements. As chance takes over, Gebbia-Richards’ works viewers to lose themselves within an unmarked, chaos-ridden territory.

In the ever-growing turbulence of environmental concern, Gebbia-Richards’ use of colour and installation allude to themes of 1960s sci-fi resurgence and psychedelia - all of which appeal to societal cries for escapism. The vibrant colours are potently hallucinogenic, transporting viewers to alternate headspaces. Gebbia-Richards’ enthrallment with topography, paired with synesthesia creates a sense of endless continuation.

Gebbia-Richards intently observes the metamorphosis of the natural world around us. His practice enables viewers to peer into the intricacies and immensities of the landscapes we overlook. His works challenge audiences to at once seek and submit to its overwhelming prominence and to respect its immersive supremacy.


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