Thursday 4 April 18:00 - 20:00

45 St John's Wood High St
45 Saint John's Wood High Street

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Empowering Women To Explore Professional Career Shifts Talk & Networking

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Join us for a panel discussion with inspiring women who shifted to small business ownership, followed by a community celebration with drinks

Join us for an inspiring panel discussion with three trailblazing women who made pivots in their careers towards small business ownership. Following this, we’ll host our regular community celebration event where, as you’ve come to expect, we’ll have drinks, music, fashion and lovely people for you to meet!

We have partnered with Women on Our Way - a London-based community whose mission is to support women through pivot moments in their career journeys - to put a spotlight on fearless women who have followed their dreams and made the change towards becoming small business owners, in the hopes that you will be inspired to continue moving towards your passions and dreams as well!

To begin the evening we’ll be joined by three incredible women - Daisy Harvey and Silvia Venialgo, who will share insider insights into the do’s/don’ts & good/bad/ugly of what it means to make a big shift in your professional journey. They’ll share with us what they’ve experienced in the journey towards following their dreams, and the tips & tricks they picked up along the way.

Following this, we’ll invite our community to come mingle, browse through our carefully curated collection from local sustainable fashion brands, and keep the conversation going around inspiration, discovery and growth!

Meet our panel

  • Daisy, Loom App: Taking a risk and leaving her job with Burberry, Daisy decided to commit fulltime to developing Loom, the platform that connects you to local designers to create upcycled and bespoke clothing using pieces already in your closet.

  • Silvia, Eldorado the Studio: After developing herself as an architect in Argentinian, Silvia relocated to London in 2020 and has since transitioned her ability to XXXXXX into now designing luxury hand-dyed home textiles.

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About Women on Our Way (WOOW)

Women on Our Way (WOOW) is a London-based community for motivated and motivating women in pivot periods of their career journeys. Their mission is to support women through these transitions, so ambition can be nurtured towards growth and actualisation. Through regular in-person events, WOOW provides a platform for members to create connections, access resources and find what it is they need to 'Make it Happen!'.

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