Thursday 7 November 18:00 - 20:00

The River Room
Second Floor, King's Building
King's College London
Strand Campus

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Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene


Launch of the King’s Law Journal special issue on ‘Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene’.

The Anthropocene era signals the time period in the Earth’s history where humans have had profound and permanent impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems, including climate change, ocean acidification, and massive biodiversity loss. Our actions (and inaction) regarding the earth have also had repercussions for our humanity. Contemplating notions of justice under these conditions is a necessary, but necessarily difficult, task. It is an endeavour that this Special Issue of the King’s Law Journal seeks to undertake. From latte levies to pesticides, from musical activism to full scale rebellion, the contributions to this Special Issue beautifully reflect some of the chaos associated with Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene.

This launch will be a variety-style event with short presentations from editors and authors of the Special Issue. It will also feature external commentary on the relevance of environmental issues to diverse domains such as tax and litigation in order to broaden the audience appeal beyond environmental lawyers.

Cocktails and canapés will follow.


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