Wednesday 22 April 17:30 - 18:00

The Dyson Building Library SW7 2DB
Imperial College London
Imperial College Road South

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Faraday Institution Networking Reception


Networking reception with Energy Entrepreneurs and Faraday Institution PhD Researchers

The reception will start at 5:30pm with the option to join for presentations and Q&A from 4:00pm.

This drinks reception (5:30pm โ€“ 6:00pm) follows a โ€˜Roundtable Discussion With Energy Entrepreneursโ€™ which is being run as part of the Faraday Institution PhD Training Programme in which participants will be able to engage in an open discussion with a set of Faraday Institution Entrepreneurial Fellows, who have been provided with Faraday Institution funds to enable them to take their lab discovery and to commericialise it. Topics will include risk taking and the path to becoming an entrepreneur, the challenges of evolving an energy-related research project for further development, and the opportunities for funding a business idea. A representative from the cleantech start-up company Brill Power will also share their first-hand experience.


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