Wednesday 12 February 17:30 - 18:30

Derek Willoughby Lecture Theatre
John Vane Science Centre
Charterhouse Square Campus

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Improving Cancer Detection by Professor Rhian Gabe

Health & Wellness

Improving Cancer Detection by Professor Rhian Gabe

Part of School of Medicine and Dentistry Inaugural Lecture Series


In this inaugural lecture, Rhian Gabe will describe her professional journey through the world of research aimed at finding the best early detection measures and treatments for disease. In particular, she will discuss her work in cancer detection, describe the challenges of conducting population-based research and trials, and how such work can impact on health policies. Rhian will conclude by highlighting some key avenues for future research in the field.

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Brief Biography

Rhian is a statistician with an academic background in mathematics (University of Liverpool), epidemiology (University of Cambridge) and a PhD using statistical methods to evaluate breast cancer screening using mammography (Queen Mary University of London). She has helped design and analyse trials of new health interventions while working for the Medical Research Council and two academic trials units (York and Barts, London). She has an abiding interest in cancer detection and other examples of her work can be found in the fields of cancer treatment, prevention, infection and venous leg ulcers.

The event will be followed by a short food and drinks reception.


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