Tuesday 28 April 18:00 - 20:00

Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London
Imperial College Road

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Innovation Pitch April


In this special edition of Innovation Pitch, students from the Royal College of Music (RCM) and Imperial College London are invited to collaborate on ventures that are positioned at the intersection between music and science. By bringing together the artistic talent of RCM students and the scientific ingenuity of students at Imperial College London, participants are invited to pitch ventures that have the potential to shape the future of how we perform, experience and engage with music. 

Innovation Pitch events provides an opportunity to pitch your venture in front of investors, collaborators and peers. This event offers students from the RCM and Imperial College London an opportunity to work together and receive helpful scrutiny of their creative projects. 

Participants are invited to pitch ventures that focus on music. These could be drawn from a wide range of areas music, including:  

  • Live musical performance – considering the live music experience – questioning what constitutes a musical venue, exploring new live music experiences, challenging perceptions of what live music is and how we engage with performance, use of virtual reality in live performance
  • Music education – challenging the way we learn music, engaging with technology to develop musical education, using app-based learning 
  • Music, health and well-being – development of innovative products to support the education and performance of elite musicians, employing music in health and wellbeing, considering the social impact of music and how it can help others
  • Live streaming, online music platforms – challenging the way we listen to music, innovative ideas relating to how we engage with music
  • Musical instrument technology – new instruments, developing existing instruments

This event will provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration between students from both institutions. If you are looking to recruit a team member with a specific skillset or area of expertise outside of your field, then this event will provide you with a great opportunity to network and recruit.   


In addition to registering via the EventBrite link, teams who wish to pitch must contact [email protected] directly to submit your name and intention to pitch. You will need to supply a title for your pitch, the names and contact information for any co-pitchers, and a brief description of the pitch for circulation. We will provide some guidance prior to the public event. Students will be briefed on the IP protocols of Imperial College and standard routes to securing guidance and investment. 

Any general enquiries regarding this event can be sent to Peter Childs [email protected] or Michael Durrant [email protected]

Provisional Agenda for the evening:

18:00 Registration

18:15 Pitches and Q&A

19:15 Networking & drinks

20:00 End of event

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