Thursday 30 November 18:00 - 20:00

39 Essex Chambers
81 Chancery Lane

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Launch of Unchecked Power by Alison Young

Government & Politics

Join Alison Young for a debate on democracy to launch her book Unchecked Power

Is the government really acting for the people? Or does this rhetoric simply justify an executive power-grab?

Although β€˜Partygate’ grabbed the headlines, other constitutional changes have been taking place with little public awareness which strengthen governmental powers and weaken political and legal checks over their actions.

In Unchecked Power: How Recent Constitutional Reforms are Threatening UK Democracy, Alison Young provides the first consolidated account of these changes, arguing that the UK is currently on a constitutional cliff-edge which endangers democracy and good constitutional government. She argues that more is needed to shore up the UK’s post-Brexit constitution to prevent it collapsing into a system of unchecked power.

Alison will be joined by Hannah White and other guests to debate these issues, chaired by Vikram Sachdeva. The debate will be followed by a drinks reception and opportunity to buy a signed copy of the book.

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