Thursday 13 October 18:00 - 20:00

47 Dorset St
47 Dorset Street

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Launching our AW22 Collection in collaboration with The Campaign for Wool

Fashion & Beauty

Celebrating the launch of our latest AW22 collection. Join us in store to hear how we design, develop and produce all our cloths in the UK.

Twelve years ago our new King was instrumental in creating a week to celebrate the countries most important indigenous textile fibre; wool. Now that the rein of King Charles III is commencing it seems entirely appropriate that the week be extended to a whole month, giving more time to highlight what a wondrous material wool really is. Even if our new King is not able to attend as many Campaign for Wool events he is invested in wool at all levels from rearing rare breed sheep on his farms to wearing beautifully cut wool suits.

Historically one of the great benefits of wool is how easy it is to dye. Using differing colours for the warp and weft yarns creates a check pattern and hence almost every civilisation with looms has woven some sort of check be they tartans, plaids or madras.

We are always experimenting and pushing the boundaries of design and will show you how we go about our creative design process. So do drop by for a drink and a chance to view our exciting new AW22 collection and hear how we design, develop and produce all our cloths in the UK.

Thinking ahead is more vital than ever nowadays. Many of us have got used to an always available, throw away society but to create sustainability you need to plan. The weather for November is forecast to be below average temperature so you'll need a warm coat. Luckily, now is a good time to place an order and if you choose to go for a made to measure coat before October we will throw in a free cap for you. A comforting and sensible prospect as wearing tweed can also help you save on your fuel bills.

Our glorious coats are made from sumptuous 26oz tweed and the featured jacket is part of a collaborative project we undertook with weave students from the prestigious Central Saint Martins art college. We worked with undergraduates, setting them a competitive mission to design a textural heirloom tweed. The winner had the honour of having their designs put into production by us. We are delighted to present Yumo's winning design and hopefully he will talk about the design process at our drinks event on 13th October.


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