Tuesday 29 October 18:30 - 20:00

The Counting House
50 Cornhill

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LMSG: "Part VII Transfers & Enhanced Traditional Reserving"

Business & Professional

LMSG talks to begin at 6:30pm. Refreshments will be served from 5:30pm. Talks to be followed by a Drinks Reception.

LMSG are lucky enough to have Tom Durkin and Charlie Stone of LCP speaking about two very pertinent topics to the General Insurance market at the moment:

Part VII Transfers โ€“ a view from the Independent Expert

During the session, we will be considering Part VII transfers from the perspective of the Independent Expert, including:

- Trends from the recent surge in Brexit related transfers

- Case studies of judgments the IE needs to make

- Key areas of regulatory focus

We will also include at the start of the talk a brief introduction to the Part VII process, to set the scene for those who have not previously been involved in a transfer.

Enhancing traditional reserving โ€“ practical applications of data science techniques

The session will focus on enhancing traditional reserving methods. We will cover recent case studies, using data science techniques to answer key questions such as:

โ€ข What is the best segmentation for a reserving project?

โ€ข How can we efficiently identify trends and anomalies in the data that are important for reserving?

The data science techniques used in the case studies are feature engineering, clustering and resampling methods.


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