Tuesday 28 January 18:30 - 20:00


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Lone Design Club's Monthly Designer Meet Up: January

Fashion & Beauty

LDC's monthly Designer Meet Up returns - meet the LDC regulars and find out about our stores

Monthly social evening for all designers, this is for all brands, old and new. If you're an LDC regular or want to find out more information on how to get involved.

Are you a designer who's looking to get involved with LDC, you can't miss out.

Meet the LDC team and find out what our plans are for the upcoming year.

This is the time to sign up and register your interest. We're booking all brands now for our future stores FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.

Come along and find out which stores are right for your brand.

And have a drink with us and get to know the other designers who have already worked in store with us.

Stay up to date with us as we hold this meet up every month, the final Tuesday of the month.


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