Tuesday 14 January 18:30 - 20:30

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Mode Lab – Working Group

Business & Professional

Mode Lab Working Group – Designing APIs for the banking and finance automation.

Do you like programming, enjoy experimenting, automation, and learning? Do you want to apply this in the area of Banking, Financial Services or FinTechs? Then Mode Lab Working Group is for you!

Mode Lab is for engineers, architects, and other techies who want to break into FinTech arena, or already in the industry! We will be defining the structure of the platform as well as the APIs that will help you build the applications you want to run on the platform. Eventually, these applications will be developed into products customers can use.


18:00 – Open Doors

18:30 – Food, Drinks, the arrival of Pizzas, and Conversations

19:00 – Event Starts – Workshop on API Sandbox with Swagger

20:00 - Event Ends

This is an amazing place to get down to earth conversations about technology, FinTechs, Financial Services, Crypto, DLT, Blockchain, product development, and best practices.

Speakers and Hosts:

Ariane Murphy has been Head of Marketing at Mode since the company started in 2018, and has been part of the team that led the design and launch of its latest crypto banking product.


David Grigoryan works in Financial Services and FinTech industry for over 10 years, he products for large organisations like Deutsche Bank, Société Générale, CITI, and FinTechs like BlockEx, Vo1t Digital Custodian, and Mode Banking.



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