Sunday 25 August 11:00 - 13:30

Park City Grand Plaza Kensington Hotel
18-30 Lexham Gardens
W8 5JE

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Superior Hydration Seminar - London Launch!

Health & Wellness


This fun, interactive event is designed to help you LEARN about the 3 pillars of Health, Wealth and Longevity. We will then take you on a deep dive into the one aspect that's easiest and most impactful to support your health and detoxification straight away ..... Pure Living Water!

70% ... it’s how much of us is made of water and how much of the planet is covered in it.

We are literally surrounded (and made up of!) water.... Yet most of us don’t know the power behind true hydration and how to unleash a new level of wellbeing by optimising our hydration and alkalinity.

Literally everything from your metabolic process to your immunity, mood, mindset, energy, skin, and disease resistance is affected positively (& negatively) by what you choose to eat and drink!

If you want to know how to eat and drink in a way that supports a healthy, lean body that’s humming with vitality... come join us for our FREE Hydration & Alkalinity Workshop.

Discover the TRUTH about:

  • Chemical additives in our tap water
  • Harmful Properties of Bottled Water
  • Hazards in Soda and Soft Drinks
  • Acidic Drinks and our Children
  • Environmental Impact of Single Use Plastic Bottles

Discover how KANGEN WATER can:

  • Bring your body into a state of balance
  • Give you increased energy
  • Improve your overall health and quality of life
  • Make your food cleaner and more delicious
  • Replace your toxic household cleaners

Learn about our FREE business Offer:

  • Free global business for every customer
  • Helping people into improved physical health
  • Financial security from referrals
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Build a Legacy business from your home
Before Kangen water came into my life, I barely drank water at all, but shortly after I stated drinking it, the clicking of the bones in my fingers, which had started some months before, just stopped altogether. Another thing I noticed was that my vision whilst night driving seemed really enhanced. It was like I had greater clarity in my vision. Finally my joint pains seemed to have lessened. I really thank God for Kangen Water and Enagic. It has set my life on a new track.

ARTHRITIS (GOUT) My husband has high uric acid and is a diabetic which causes gouty arthritis. His hands, fingers, knees, actually all of his joints caused him great pain, preventing him from playing golf and some times even getting around. Now he is mainly free of pain which he feels is all due to his drinking Kangen Water. I, on the other hand have hypertension, high blood pressure. I swear by this water. My coffee tastes better, cocktails taste better and I feel better. Amy my 12 year old grand daughter has completely cleared her face of pimples by using the astringent side on the face daily. It’s fantastic and a treasured machine in our kitchen. Thank you for all the support

Liz & Sue
with Special guest Speaker, Dr Imran, M.D, N.D

Park City Grand Plaza Kensington Hotel
Garden Room
18-30 Lexham Gardens, Kensington, London W8 5JE

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