Thursday 4 April 18:30 - 21:30

Adorn The Common
157 Regents Park Road


Mourning Of Kin, by Stanley Onah - Private View

Performing & Visual Arts

Stanley Onah returns with "Mourning of Kin," a poignant exploration of emotional transitions from grief to acceptance in the face of trauma.

ATC Studio. is delighted to present 'Mourning of Kin', a poinient new collection of 18 works by one of Londons most exciting establishing artist, Stanley Onah.

Join us for for the exclusive private view on Thursday 4th April 2024 - RSVP essential.


Drawing from personal and observed experiences, as well as the influence of German artist Kรคthe Kollwitz, Onah's latest series of paintings reflects the complexities of the human condition amidst the backdrop of current global events.

Born in 1984 in London, Onah's journey is steeped in a blend of British and Nigerian influences, sparked by childhood encounters with comic book art. While he initially pursued other pathways, it wasn't until the age of 33 that Onah embraced paint as his chosen medium, dedicating himself to forging a unique visual language that captures the intricacies of human existence.

Onah's oeuvre encompasses figurative art, with a focus on portraiture and the human form. His inaugural series, "Born Astride the Grave" (2022), explored themes of life and mortality, while "Altered State" (2023) delved into post-impressionism and cubism, cultivating his own creative evolution and the ability to merge traditional and modern influences seamlessly.

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