Tuesday 12 December 18:00 - 21:00

10 Greatorex St
10 Greatorex Street
E1 5NF

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Opening Night: Private View With Drinks. Free.

Performing & Visual Arts

An exhibition of oil paintings exploring the environment and psyche of Lesvos, an island of hope and dismay on Europe's frontier

The Road To Kara Tepe documents artist Thomas Moore's experience working in the laundry service at Kara Tepe refugee camp Lesvos, Greece through a series of vivid oil paintings.

The paintings are mostly landscapes and focus on the environmental and psychological atmosphere on the island, and aim to create a space for humanising thought and reflection on the journeys people go through in pursuit of safety.

The paintings in this exhibition are an original, unique and masterful depiction of the uncanny world of Lesvos Island. A place to get to and a place to get away from. A paradise and a prison, watched closely by the world with a blind eye. A place where borders echo through time, from the relics of Ancient Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman embattlements, to the patrolling military frigates. A place of dismay and a place of hope and resilience. This exhibition is a must-see for anyone with experiences in the area or a particular interest in painting.

Join us on Tuesday evening the 12th of December between 6 to 9pm for drinks and celebrate the opening of the show.

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