Thursday 28 November 18:00 - 21:00

The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy
Mitcham Road

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Parch Hill Relaunch Conference

Family & Education

Parch Hill will host the above event to ensure that both our parents and partners gain an understanding and awareness of Parch Hill’s relocation plans and the various changes that we will be commencing shortly. Following the need to upgrade and refurbish our centre, we have taken the decision to relocate to a new premise that offers improved facilities and, more importantly, a better learning environment. Relocation to the newly refurbished Archbishop Lanfranc Academy is in close proximity to Parch Hill’s current location and offers improved car parking and security arrangements as well as a more positive education outlook for Parch Hill pupils. This Parch Hill Relaunch has been developed for all of our customers to ensure that we provide information not just limited to the relocation. The event will also include information on a range of additional thematic areas to help maximise your child’s potential:

  1. Why we are relocating to the new refurbished building - The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy. 
  2. An opportunity to see our new location and all the facilities it has available.
  3. How to guarantee your child’s future success through our curriculum and teaching methods.
  4. How to play your role in maximising your child’s home learning capabilities, well-being and resilience.

The Parent Conference Launch Agenda:


  • 6:00pm        Arrival Welcome drinks, canopies & Networking
  • 6:30pm        The Future, By Hasan Ali (Founder & Director of PH)
  • 7:30pm        Parent Resilience, by Dr Kathryn Weston
  • 8:30pm        The ‘Verbal Tour’, by Parch Hill coordinators
  • 8:45pm        End


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