Thursday 14 November 16:00 - 19:00

Home Grown
44 Great Cumberland Place

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We’d love you to join us for an exclusive event with twentysix, Force24, and ProCo on personalisation in marketing.

It’s easy to treat personalisation as just another marketing box to tick, but how do you make sure you’re delivering the right message to the right person at the right time? We’re here to show you how to make use of deep customer insights to inform your messaging and your personalisation strategy, so you can cut through the noise and create a personal connection with your audience.

Hosted by Stephen Knight (formally Senior Vice-President of Marketing at Walt Disney) at exclusive London members club, Home Grown, this one-time free event will give you a unique insight into the future of personalisation in online and offline marketing from some of the UK’s leading marketing experts.

The agenda

16:00: Doors open

16:15: Welcome & introduction (Stephen Knight, CEO & Founder at Pimento)

16.30: Hear from the experts

'Keeping the person in personalisation' (Rich Jones, Chief Strategy Officer at twentysix)

As with many digital marketing techniques, it's easy to treat personalisation as a numbers exercise. But those data points, clicks, impressions and conversions all represent real people with their own personas and needs and mind states. How do you make sure your personalised and automated marketing delivers the right message? Or resonates on an emotional as well as functional? Rich shows you how to get deep insights on your consumers to inform messaging and creative to drive conversion.

'The death of one-size-fits-all comms - is marketing automation the answer?' (James Skellington, Senior Automation Consultant at Force24)

With customers demanding increasingly contextualised experiences at both digital and human touchpoints, there's never been a bigger personalisation challenge for marketers. The death of one-size-fits-all communication may be upon us, but in a hugely time-pressured space - where customers need to be understood in real-time as they shift between personas and segments - where does the answer lie? James explores the evolution of marketing, the role that automation plays and the need for brands to start telling the stories individuals actually want to hear.

'Don't do direct mail. Do direct mail differently!' (Matt Emmott, Group Sales Director at ProCo)

In a world where it's increasingly difficult to cut through the noise, product lifecycles are getting shorter and the cost of online acquisition is increasing, ProCo recognises that marketers are looking for new ways to win, engage and retain customers. Matt speaks about how 'in the moment' direct mail marketing can get you greater cut through, enhanced engagement and a more cost-effective ROI. In this session you'll learn how to run multiple campaigns concurrently, reach your customers faster and when they want to be reached and improve response.

17:30: Ask the panel

18:00: Drinks and delicious canapes (on us!)

See you there!

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