Saturday 24 September 18:30 - 21:30

Lancaster Gate Hotel
66 Lancaster Gate
W2 3NA




Metaverse, NFT & Gaming Event

About this event

  1. Angel Investors
  2. Gaming Companies
  3. Animation Movie Studios
  4. Special Effects Specialists
  5. Advertising Marketers
  6. Gaming Investors
  7. Animation Investors
  8. 3d Graphic Modelers/Artists
  9. Architects
  10. Civil Architecture And Construction Tech
  11. Companies That Want To Build Metaverse
  12. Startups Building Metaverse
  13. People Who Want To Turn Large Urban Worlds Into NFT
  14. Animation Movies Distributors
  15. Games Distributors

What Topic Will Be Covered At This Event:

  1. Metaverse + NFT
  2. How To Create A Large Metaverse Cost Effectively Thru 3D Modeling
  3. How To Build An Animation Movie Or A Game For Your Company Cost Effectively
  4. Threedee.Io Software - How You Can Leverage It To Create Digital Cities For Your Metaverse Or Games
  5. The Future Of Procedural 3D Modeling
  6. The Future Of 3d Modeling Creating Large Urban Worlds
  7. How To Create Your Metaverse Cost Effectively

Book your ticket and see you there.

About the organisers:

Contact Harry Sardinas at 00447775596554 or Lily Patrascu at 00447557351222 to get more info about the event.

About Harry Sardinas:


I’m Harry Sardinas - COO & micro - shareholder of

Our tech company developed a disruptive innovative unique patented 3D modeling software that can automatically create infinite 3D Models 50% cheaper, 50% faster and easier & 50% less hassle than all existing solutions in the market - suitable for the game industry, metaverse virtual worlds creation, cinema animation, real estate, smart cities, architecture, government, navy, army.

The software can create metaverse for companies + turn content into NFT.

The software can save millions of dollars depending on the size of the project.

The infinite 3D models software is user friendly and offers high quality, limitless, automatic large scale 3D geometry creation & offers small and large teams the opportunity to easily create customisable large 3D environments and large procedural generated scenes at the touch of a button.

I’d love to set up a call to present/demo our technology and company.

I’m based in London, UK and the developers are based in the USA.

Please let me know a good time/day for a demo or forward to anyone suitable.

Benefits include:

  • No Other Tool Like This In Market
  • Simplified 3D Creation Workflow
  • Any team size can create large open world games effectively
  • Higher Productivity
  • Higher Quality & 3D Scene Diversity versus alternative state-of-the-art procedural tools.
  • Groundbreaking Technology
  • Online 3D Scene Customizer
  • Innovative Responsive Geometry
  • No coding or technical experience required
  • Offers personalization during the process of creation
  • Full control of the responsive geometry during the creation process
  • Offers limitless variations of the architectural elements
  • First in the market general - purpose procedural modeling tool that can create high quality 3D content

Opportunity Created By Our Software:

  • Indie studios will have access to large fully customizable scenes or game levels
  • Small non techy teams will be empowered to convert into the asset they need without art teams
  • Empowering users with no modeling background to create and customize single models to large scenes online or to personalize their virtual world in any metaverse
  • Art directors and producers can customize themselves final scenes or game levels to complete the director’s vision.
  • Other teams can “fine tune” complete scenes if necessary

Our Competitors:

  • Are few & slower
  • Not user friendly
  • Need exclusively specialized developers, technical artists & complex programming languages.
  • Low quality
  • Repetitive content
  • Poor control locating models coherently in scenes
  • Complicated to use
  • Find it difficult to generate large scenes coherently while keeping quality of the content

About us:

We are a self-funded company of software developers - currently looking for investment & large client contracts.

We would love to be featured in the media so we can help more worldwide companies easily create 3D models for all their needs - 50% cheaper and 50% faster.

Harry Sardinas

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

[email protected]

About Lily Patrascu:

I am the founder of Brand For Speakers, co-founder of Speakers Are Leaders & Entrepreneurs Are Leaders. I write and publish books that transform the world for busy professionals like you, so you can turn into luxury influencers and make a bigger difference. I can help you turn your story, knowledge, and experience into books, online programs, and workshops that transform the world. I can help you look great so more people want to do business with you. I am a book publisher, author of multiple books, international speaker, and a personal branding coach. I appeared on stage at the same event as elite speakers in front of thousands of people alongside world-renowned speakers in London, Peru, Singapore, and many other countries on 4 different continents.


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