Tuesday 24 March 18:00 - 21:00

32, Aybrook Street

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Self-Sovereign Identity: Dream or Reality?

Science & Technology

Will identity shift to decentralized digital identity? Will citizens ever benefit of one-click access to everything keeping control of data?

Among the many emerging use cases of blockchain technology, digital identity management and verification is perhaps one of the most promising. In 2018 alone, billions of people were affected by personal data breaches, all around the world. There is an undeniable need for more secure methods of storing, transferring, and verifying sensitive information. In this context, blockchain systems may bring valuable solutions to some of the difficulties faced by most centralized databases.

To be discussed with stakeholders from the blockchain and business world, we will go thorough:

  • How blockchain can make the difference in the management and verification of identity
  • What does cryptography have to do with the identity problem
  • Most advanced projects in the self-sovereign identity space
  • Plus/minus to be considered


  • 6:00 Drinks and networking
  • 6:45 Why Trustless Ecosystems 2030 - Laura Degiovanni Founder TiiQu
  • 7:05 Keynote
  • 7:25 Talks
  • 8:10 Panel discussion " Identity, self-sovereign-identity and what else?"
  • 9:00 Drinks & nibbles - Networking


Panel discussion to be moderated by Philippe Nadouce

Philippe is a blockchain Trainer/Lecturer at INSEEC-U where lecture on bitcoin/blockchain, digital currencies (DC), open financial systems, blockchain technologies and applications, principles of disruptive innovation in DLTs, regulation and governance.

About Trustless Ecosystems 2030 Meetups

Events are designed to facilitate knowledge sharing in the blockchain space and enhance dialogue and collaboration between the blockchain and the real-world.

Panelists from the start up ecosystem and stakeholders from relevant industries share their knowledge and direct experiences in a combination of friendly panel discussions and short talks. Attendants are invited to take active part to the Q&A and to the networking time that follows our events.


The event is sponsored by TIIQU and kindly hosted by INSEEC -UNIVERSITY LONDON .

Photos and filming

During the event we will be taking photos and videos, please inform the organizer before the event if you do not want to appear in pictures.

Speaking opportunities

If you are actively involved in a blockchain/ AI -based project and you want to contribute to this or other panel discussions, please fill this form


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