Tuesday 26 November 18:00 - 19:00

Imperial Enterprise Lab
Imperial College London, Level 0, Sherfield Building
(Access next to Great Hall)

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TextSpace Product Launch by NeuralSpace

Science & Technology

NeuralSpace launches TextSpace - a multi-purpose platform that can help you automating any kind of tasks related to text understanding.

TextSpace is a flexible framework which can automate any kind of tasks related to text understanding. From intent classification to entity extraction to summarising long documents into short paragraphs. NeuralSpace launches TextSpace and walks attendants of this events through the different capabilities of TextSpace.

NeuralSpace comprises a wide range of expertise required to solve your real-world problems powered by AI. Our strengths lie in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and we support 36 languages, including many rare languages like 11 local Indian languages.

Imperial Enterprise Lab kindly hosts this event and sponsors drinks.



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