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The Art of Nature: The Broken Souls | Nasha Bradshaw

Community & Culture

This exhibition aims to stimulate discussion and provide greater knowledge around mankind attempts to shape, tame and control nature; be it the control of the natural world or control of people.

It can be hard to see the impact of global warming and climate change when we live in a bubble, as the majority of the world's population don't live next to glaciers, beaches or in the rainforest. 

This exhibition will explore how these events have contributed and exasperated a humanitarian and animal crisis.

This exhibition will also examine provocative topics around slavery and empire and the ramifications of this both historically and presently through the work of art.

Private view 1st October 2019 7-9pm (registration for private view only)

Open to the public 2-14 October 2019 Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm / Wednesday 10am - 4:30pm

At the private view we will be auctioning a stunning 3D piece by Nasha called Wild Beauty helping to raise funds for two causes close to Nasha’s heart: I AM IN ME Community Interest Company (CIC) and NTCG Brixton Community Church The decide boy project.

Wild Beauty | Nasha Bradshaw

Nasha Bradshaw  Artist Statement

Born in Clarendon Jamaica. Currently residing in London UK.

Nasha has been interested in Art from a very young age and drew his first piece at the age of four. He was known locally as the Artist growing up.

Nasha studied Art at Holmwood Technical High but is mainly self taught. 

From his tranquil upbringing in rural Jamaica, his love for nature and mother earth, to his current interest in the rastafarian culture has all heavily influenced his work so current issues such as climate change and world events have had a profound impact on him this is reflected in a few of his most recent pieces. His Art in intended to evoke deep emotions within the viewer. No matter the topic whether  sad,angry,happy Nasha tries to depict his work in a positive light and shows this with his love of bright colours for example a piece depicting heavy topics such as oppression climate change or slavery could still have a beautiful sunset in the background

"My Art is a reflection of my personal values. I love the Human journey and spirit. This is encompassed within my logo. (My Art My Heart)."

Interview with Nasha Bradshaw

Nasha Bradshaw The Art of Nature: The Broken Souls


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