Thursday 6 February 18:00 - 20:30

Babylon Health
60 Sloane Ave

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The DevOps Sessions @ Babylon Health (Kubernetes, Circle CI, AWS)

Science & Technology

Welcome to the first ever DevOps Sessions Meet up!

Monthly meet up for all things DevOps. Our speakers will be discussing best practices, technologies and challenges we experience when trying to deliver software better. 

First up we have Gurumoorthy Raghupathy who will be doing a live demonstration developing production ready java apps on kubernetes using 12 factor app paradigm

We will then hear from Jordi Moles from Third Bridge giving his talk "From Commit To Customer In A Fully Automated Way" showcasing the end to end process on how they deploy their applications using their pipeline.

The event will begin at 6PM and will finish around 8PM 

Drinks and food will be provided.


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