Saturday 10 December 14:00 - 18:00

144 Commercial Street
E1 6NU

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The Ethical Spirits Gin Day - Japanese Craft Gin tasting

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Come and join us to discover Ethical Spirits. Craft Gin made in Japan, which is "ethical" and "sustainable".

We are a distil start-up from Japan, producing craft gin using potentially-wasted materials and managing a circular economy-focused distillery. We use sake-kasu (sake lees) as a base spirit and use some botanicals which are normally discarded such as Cacao husk, Citrus, Japanese tea, and herbs.

They still have the same quality and rich flavour which adds fruitful aroma to our products.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a “The Ethical Spirits & Co Gin Day”!

Saturday December 10th, 14:00 - 18:00

Sake Collective, 144-146 Commercial Street, London E1 6NU

*Entrance : Free

There will be free tasting of 4 of our products, which are 100% made in Japan.


A resinous quality and the sweetness of sap, with woody notes, alongside a citrus, herbal and spice gin character.

An extraordinary marriage of cardamom, pepper spice and citrus flavours. Juniper just peaks its head out. A touch of heat on the finish.


Inviting nose of woody spice, ginger, citrus and a juniper zing.

Dry, light bodied, subtle complexity with fresh notes from sake

kasu, supported by the firm ginger and juniper backbone.


"Pronounced nose of pineapple from base spirits’ ginjo aroma.

Mixture of woody, roasty and sweetness from cacao husk."

Vibrant sweetness comes from base spirits’ ginjo aroma in

addition to pronounced chocolate flavour. An extraordinary

balance of roasty and sweetness.


Greenness of Sudachi (Japanese citrus) and Sencha unites with

Myoga (Japanese ginger) like a Japanese dish. Sweet aroma

comes with camomile and kobokucha (tea from tea tree trunk)

Feels umami like no other gin. Bitter and unique Japanese

seasoning taste from Myoga come together.

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