Tuesday 26 November 19:00 - 21:00

Elizabeth James® Gallery
10 Portland Road
South Norwood
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Urban Environments Solo Exhibition | Ana Oliver

Community & Culture

Join us as we explore the works of international artist Ana Oliver in her debut solo exhibition; a visual and audio experience.

The pieces exhibited reflect urban environments illustrated by references to artistic presentations and musical tracks with Afro-Brazilian and regional textures made with various electric and acoustic instruments, establishing a synesthetic dialogue between screens and components and components of a circuit traversed by viewer.

Private view 26th November 2019 7-9pm (registration for private view only)

Open to the public 27th - 9th December 2019

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm / Wednesday 10am - 4:30pm

Brazilian artist Ana Olivier has works in the collection of the following organsations:

Superior Court of Justice - Chamber of Deputies - Federal Senate

Federal Regional Court.

Artist Statement

In the artist's works, one observes her admiration for cultural diversity and the written word. The canvases, especially the “Graffiti” Series, feature drawn text, painted letters, newspaper headlines from different countries, and multicultural artistic manifestations. He studied the pixo that transforms the written word into a work of art, which customizes scratches and forms, creating a new language full of codes and signifiers. The “Graffiti Series” mixes stamping and collage techniques with urban art techniques such as the use of stencil and spray paint. The main feature of this work is the depth of its canvases, with several layers of acrylic paint and spray paint. Ana Olivier inserts elements on each other in order to present the art of the walls, as several artists paint and spray paint on each other's work, creating collective works with various interventions. His works aim to arouse in the observer a critical reflection on the role of art in the construction of culture.

The artist began her painting studies in 1990, in Brasilia, developing monotypy works on paper and gouache ink, using pieces of glass as brushes. During the following years, he participated in several courses of painting in oil, acrylic and metal paint. He has taken a course in fine arts, graphic arts, interior design, stamping, batik, collage, graffiti (in Brasilia and New York - Brooklin) and is graduating in Visual Arts. She graduated in Letters and has a postgraduate degree in Literature and International Relations from the University of Brasilia and a master's degree in Political Science from Candido Mendes.


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