Wednesday 8 February 16:30 - 18:00

UCL Department of Anthropology
14 Taviton Street


Virtual Reality for Ageing Care: Bringing VR Headsets to Care Homes

Health & Wellness

This event, sponsored by the Ageing Playfully Network, will explore the possibilities of virtual reality for ageing care.

The panel will join in conversation UCL anthropologists of virtual reality, Dinah Lammiman and Christopher Pettit-Mee, and the ROVR Systems project team, CEO Charles King, CTO Tom Baker, Medical Director Muir Gray, and Medical Anthropologist Caroline Potter, who are designing, implementing, and researching the effects of virtual reality headsets in care homes across the UK. The panel will discuss how virtual reality can uniquely address some of the dilemmas of care home life, explore the challenges of using virtual reality as a form of care in old age, consider the future of virtual reality for ageing care, and examine the role anthropology might play in making virtual reality a resource for our ageing population.

This will be an interactive event. Before the seminar, there will be an opportunity for attendees to try on virtual reality headsets to experience virtual reality themselves.


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