Thursday 6 October 18:00 - 20:00

King's Entrepreneurship Institute: Bush House
30 Aldwych
Bush House (N) 1.01

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Web 3 Bootcamp with CrowdPad


Come along to our Web 3 Bootcamp with Europe’s Top 13 Web 3 Startups, CrowdPad, to find out more about the Web3 space!

Are you interested in navigating the Web 3 space? Do you want to know how businesses can embrace Web 3 to gain competitive advantage?

CrowdPad is building the next wave of social by ensuring that creators are able to monetize since day 1, immune to deplatforming and demonetization plays by big-tech platforms.

They have recently raised $2.5M backed by Balaji S, IVC, Ali Abdaal, FTX Ventures (Serum), OnDeck & others, was featured as one of Sifted's 13 European Web3 Startups to Watch, and was also named a top creator economy company by both Antler & SpeedInvest (not investors in CrowdPad).

The team recently launched CrowdPad Academy, which is a global education movement with the aim to educate millions worldwide on the essentials of blockchain - from what LFG means to minting wallets

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