Wednesday 19 February 19:00 - 20:30

69-85 Tabernacle St
69-85 Tabernacle Street

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What is esports and why you should care.

Business & Professional

Drew Townley - CEO of Kairos Esports, takes audience members on a tour of the phenomenon that is Esports in 2020.

With figures floating around that the esports industry is set to be worth over $1bn in the near future, more and more brands are switching on to its potential as a tool for marketing.

In this session Drew Townley - CEO of Kairos Esports, a creative agency specialising in gaming and esports, will take audience members on a tour of the industry giving a unique insight into the key trends and highlighting why more brands should be taking notice now.

This session will cover the following:

  • What is esports?
  • It's history, and where it is now.
  • The future of the industry
  • The power of marketing in this space
  • Where brands are getting it right, and getting it wrong.

Followed by a Q&A Session, Networking & Drinks.


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