Wednesday 16 October 19:00 - 20:30

Burgh House & Hampstead Museum
New End Square

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When a Sparrow is not a Sparrow: the Intriguing Dunnock

Charity & Causes

Doors open at 6.45pm. Open to all. FREE admission sponsored by John Beaufoy Publishing and Jetwing Safari Camp Yala.

Talk by Tony Wileman, a trained ecologist working for the London Wildlife Trust with over 25 years experience in nature conservation, and expertise of bird watching spanning 37 years and five continents.

The talk looks at the intriguing life of the often overlooked but common bird known as the Dunnock along with a host of other sometimes misleading and confusing names.

The Dunnock also gained fame in a study that showed how males engage in cloacal pecking to render void a prior mating attempt by a rival suitor. As a declining species, the talk will look at its physiology and ecological requirements across its geographical range and look how its behaviour, food sources and association with people has both positive and negative effects on its population.

Part of regular talks organised by London Bird Club (sub-section of the London Natural History Society).


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