Monday 23 October 19:00 - 21:00

Google London - Pancras Square
6 Pancras Square

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3rd Materials and Machine Learning Meet (sponsored by Google for Startups)

Science & Technology

Join us for the 3rd Materials and Machine Learning Meetup (M&M Meetup) in London.

3rd Materials and Machine Learning Meetup (M&M Meetup)

In collaboration with Google for Startups, we are looking forward to host you for an informal evening of Materials and Machine Learning enthusiasts!

We will start with drinks, followed by 3 short presentations by Jonathan Bean (Materials Nexus), Sam Cooper (Polaron AI) and Jakob Zeitler (Matterhorn Studio).

Come around to discuss anything from materials for biosynthetics, alternative proteins, hydrogen, fusion, foundation industries, materials 4.0, plastics, in the context of the recent Henry Royce National Institute Conference in Manchester and the Accelerate23 conference in Toronto (

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