Tuesday 6 June 17:30 - 20:30

The London Stock Exchange
10 Paternoster Square

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A Brave New World - Business and Ethical Implications of AI...

Business & Professional

How will the evolution of GenerativeAI and AI technologies more broadly impact organisations and the nature of work?

Advances in Generative AI technology are coming to market remarkably quickly and these are opening up a world of new opportunities to enhance productivity and drive innovation. However, these advances also come with far-reaching business and ethical implications that will need to be carefully considered and addressed.

The June LNETM will discuss the impact of generative AI (and AI in general) on enterprise organisations and society more broadly. We have brought together a group of leading industry experts including:

  • Lexy Kassan (Sr. Data & AI Strategist for Northern Europe at Databricks and Founder & Host of the Data Science Ethics Podcast)
  • Julian Levy (Partner at Redline Capital)
  • Sanja Hukovic (Head of Model Risk Management at London Stock Exchange Group)

Tο»Ώhe panel discussion will be moderated by John O'Hara, former CEO & Co-Founder of Taskize and creator of AMQP.

There will also be three flash talks from some great speakers, including:

  • Will Venters (Professor from the London School of Economics) will discuss their latest research into the interplay between APIs and artificial intelligence.
  • Eο»Ώudald Camprubi (CEO of Nuclia) will talk about their approach to API based AI search and their open source vector database technology.

We are very grateful to London Stock Exchange Group for hosting this event and to all of our annual sponsors for their support.

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