Saturday 3 October 19:00 - 22:00



A Conversation as Consciousness

Health & Wellness

Becoming the Lens of the Mind & The Eye of Imagination

This event is an exercise in releasing the ego, the personality, or the character that many of us believe that our minds are.

Ego's if we allow them, precede the mind, directing the storyline of our daily interactions.

It is an easy oversight to make when we have little or no perception or understanding of the dynamics consciousness.

Consciousness, the empty void of our eternity, the abyss that is dark, that we always shy away from because our perception of nothingness intimidates us.

But there is nothing to fear, other than our imaginations.

If you would like to journey with me, I will be happy to describe the dynamics of consciousness, so that we can begin to explore what we really are.

Please register your interest if you wish to attend my 1-hour online workshop.

Also, be advised that to keep with the pace of the seminar, I recommend purchasing a copy of my book Mind ReMapping that I am currently running as a promotional introduction to Mind ReMapping

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Gavin Gooden

Mind ReMapping


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