Wednesday 29 November 17:30 - 19:30

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A Whole Team Approach to Effective Product Discovery: Panel Discussion

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Join us for a panel discussion where we share valuable insights and inspire you to put discovery at the heart of your product delivery.

Product discovery is the bedrock of successful products that deliver great customer outcomes. And a whole team integrated approach to product development should ensure that products are built with all stakeholders buy-in.

But in ever more complex environments where being first to market is paramount, is it possible to embed a culture of continuous discovery without compromising quality? Can you gain buy-in from all stakeholders but still move fast?

In this in-person panel discussion, we’ll bring together industry experts from both the private and public sector to share their knowledge and customer stories to help you gain valuable insights and inspire you to put discovery at the heart of your product delivery. We’ll cover:

What is Product Discovery?

  • How to do it, how to move faster
  • Time and budget constraints

Dual tracking delivery and discovery

  • How to do it
  • Common pitfalls to avoid

The Product Trio

  • How the Product Manager can run successful discovery alongside Product Designers and Software Engineers
  • Is a holistic product team a good idea?
  • Moving from HIPPO decision making to empowered teams

Private and Public Sector challenges

  • What can the private sector learn from public sector discovery and vice versa?
  • Are the Government Digital Service (GDS) standards a help or hindrance when running product discovery with integrated teams?
  • Can these methods be applied to highly regulated sectors?

By the end of the panel, you’ll come away with some new insights into why continuous product discovery is worth the investment, how to get started and ways to bring your entire team along on the journey!


Rachel Lyons - Principal Product Manager - Codurance

Rachel is a passionate Product Manager experienced working with both startups and established companies on business transformations in a variety of different industries. She has been responsible for managing the entire lifecycle of various products, from ideation to launch and beyond. In her current role at Codurance she has worked with a number of our partners on their product strategy to ensure they are set up for success and continuously promotes and raises awareness of product thinking.

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Mash Badar - Co-Founder and Head of Product - Codurance

Managing Director and Head of Product Services at Codurance, a renowned software consultancy known for its Software Craftsmanship mindset and innovative approach to development. Throughout his career, he has pursued a holistic approach to building software and running a software consultancy. He firmly believes that the best way to develop products is to include in the team all the perspectives and skills needed to succeed. He embodies the software craftsmanship mindset and endeavours to live by its values. Mashooq is a thought leader in building software well and maintains a broad skillset ranging from Business and Product Strategy, User Experience, Software Design and Technology.

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Sarah Timms - Fractional CPO, formerly of Cazoo - Mintec

I've been an entrepreneur, a product practitioner, and a product coach. I help companies create and scale high performing product and design organisations which build products that customers love. In addition to my experience in product consulting & coaching, and product practitioner work, I founded and scaled a crowdfunding technology company in the US. Currently interim VP of Product at Mintec, Sarah has also held senior product roles at Cazoo, Selfridges, Sedex and AlbionVC.

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Andy Curry - Managing Director - Lion & Mason

Having worked in Digital for over 20 years, Andy has a wealth of experience, creating engaging and effective solutions for clients who need design that produces tangible results. Andy is a passionate advocate of a research-based user-centric approach to design. He has led projects for a variety of clients from public and private sectors, including Johnson & Johnson, The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Department for Education, and Durham University.

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