Tuesday 1 October 18:30 - 20:00

The Jago
440 Kingsland Road
E8 4AA

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ACAN Launch Party: How Can We Effect Change?

Community & Culture

Tired of waiting for change in the profession? So are we. Join us for the launch of ACAN: Architects Climate Action Network.

Architects! We need to take action! The RIBA’s recent climate declaration aligns with a growing awareness of the hugely damaging role the building industry is playing in the climate crisis but what is being done to combat this?

Whilst change may be on the horizon, ACAN believes that we in the Architecture, Construction and Built Environment professions are not pursuing it with the required urgency.

ACAN is a climate activism group, a growing network of individuals and organisations, campaigning for legislation and policy change and equipping ourselves, the workforce, with the information and resources to combat the climate emergency.

We know we are among many who share this common goal and that this fight can not be won alone. We must seize this opportunity to transform the way we work and build our cities, so please join us for a party, drinks and conversation to help us answer the question:

How can we effect change?


Julia Barfield: Climate Activist and Director, Marks Barfield Architects

Hannah Little: Womens' Human Rights Activist and Veteran Repeal the 8th Campaigner

architectscan.org / @ArchitectsCAN / [email protected]


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