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A Private View to the collections of five MA Design (Jewellery) graduates from Central Saint Martins tackling sustainability

These group of creatives has explored, through their unique heritage and cultural backgrounds, uncommon scenarios such as biodiversity preservation, up-cycling, 'slow’ mining and glacial melting with the purpose of conveying authenticity in each of their jewellery pieces.

Challenging the physical, economical and existential matters that the contemporary society is experiencing, the collections of these five MA Design (Jewellery) graduates, from Central Saint Martins, open visionary perspectives to sustainability in a fast-paced and industrialized world.


‘1 Minute to Midnight’, Jet McQuiston's collection, focusses on the preservation of biodiversity, heralding vulnerable species and environments inspired by her family tradition in conservation.

Alice Kennedy 'Volutes' collection has its origin in the ruffs and collars of 16th Century European fashion which she innovates up-cycling denim fabric to create sculptural and collectible jewellery.

Lindey Tydeman's [UN]Explored uses an innovative way of knitting to create lightweight and colourful structures that mimic the movement of unique deep-sea creatures.

Through an exploratory trip to Svalbard in the Arctic, French jeweller Capucine Huguet has created a series of cocktail rings that convey ‘memento’ as a call to action about climate change issues.

Peruvian designer Andrea Jose, celebrates the Andean concept of reciprocity in a bespoke fine jewellery collection crafted in 'slow' mined mercury-free gold from Peru, inspired by Peruvian wrapping textiles.


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