Tuesday 21 January 17:15 - 18:45

UCL Arena Centre for Research-based Education
Arena Seminar Room (10th floor)
1-19 Torrington Place

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An evening with Danish author Line-Maria Lång


Join us for an evening with author Line-Maria Lång.

Lång had her literary debut in 2009 with Rottekonge (Rat King), a short story collection in which she carries out an investigation of identity and gender in a literary universe inhabited by animals, quirky creatures and people.

In 2014, the publication of her first novel, Artiskokhjerte (Artichoke Heart) captivated readers and reviewers. In this novel, the15-year-old hyper-intelligent Lisa – who knows the first 500 numbers of Pi, but who has little practical knowledge about life – sets out to discover the world and reunite with her father, who had left the family when she was ten. Her paternal quest brings her to Paris, where most of the novel is set, and where Lisa embarks on an affair with the much older eccentric music reviewer living in the apartment above her.

Lång’s latest novel, Blå Tiger (Blue Tiger, 2018) tells the story of Timian, who was brought up in a loving hippie commune in Sweden, but who has entered life as an adult trying to conform to society’s norms. She systematically sets up a checklist for herself of ways to be and of things to do or to have in order not to stick out from the crowd: a friend, an apartment, a boyfriend, a job. Timian’s peculiar narrative voice mixes lucidity with unusual — and at times absurd — images, creating a blend that gives the novel its captivating literary sensibility.

The event will feature a discussion with Line-Maria Lång as well as readings from her texts. This will be accompanied by drinks and nibbles.

Come and join us for an evening of convivial discussion on literature, kindly sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and the Danish Arts Council.

Tickets are free, but pre-registration is essential. 


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