Thursday 18 April 18:00 - 21:00

4 Garden Walk
4 Garden Walk

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Aplocalyptic Changes of State | Group Exhibition Launch

Performing & Visual Arts

Join us for the launch of 20 artist painting, sculpture and installation exhibition Apocalyptic Changes of State

BWG Gallery presents Apocalyptic Chages of State, a large-scale group exhibition bringing together the artwork of an international line-up of emerging and established painters and sculptors, in a multi-story, multi-environment portrayal of the plight and potential contemporary existence.

Apocalyptic Changes of State includes artworks in which what was previously concealed (and thus veiled) becomes apocalyptically unconcealed (and thus unveiled) in a universe that is in a constant state of flux. Such changes of bodily and/or mental states of being may be initiated either from within a being, or outside a being, or both. Habitual and prejudicial human resistance to changes in the natural and/or cultural order of being, have been undermined both by artistic imagery, and by scientific and technological industries and ever accelerating advancements, to such a degree that we are increasingly talking in terms of the processes of naturalcultural hybridisation, which are continually producing changing states of human and non-human being. The artworks in this exhibition display the cultural consequences of such apocalyptic changes of state, and include a hopeful openness toward the new and the previously unknown, exploring humanity’s divergent visionary paths away from the pathological ‘normality’ of the Anthropocene Apocalypse, toward the healing ‘paranormalities’ of other apocalyptic epochs like the Chthlucene and the Symbiocene.

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