Thursday 29 September 17:30 - 20:00

Wagstaff & Umbrella Furniture Showroom
9 Brewhouse Yard

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Architectural Film Wrapping CPD Seminar with Wagstaff & Partners

Business & Professional

Join Space Architectural Interiors, LG/LX Hausys and Wagstaff to discuss the use of architectural film wrapping in interior design.

Presented by Space Architectural Interiors & LG/LX Hausys.

We invite you to attend our brand new CPD Seminar on architectural film wrapping.

With the ever increasing demand for design schemes to deliver quicker solutions. Especially the need for more affordable and smart materials is on the increase. Clients are sourcing solutions for sustainable environments without compromise in cost.

Why not join us for our seminar where we would like to share some of the innovative and alternatives available from LG/LX Hausys and the Wagstaff Group?

Some commonly encountered issues the seminar covers are:

  • Client disruption
  • Noise and odour contamination
  • Price point
  • Speed on site
  • Damage in transport
  • Health & Safety
  • Sustainability

Afterwards, stay behind for post-seminar drinks, nibbles and a little chit chat.

The event is hosted by Wagstaff in partnership with Space Architectural Interiors and LG/LX Hausys.


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