Sunday 13 December 17:00 - 18:00

27 Blackfriars Rd
27 Blackfriars Road

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Art Public View | Waiting with hope through dark times, Advent 2020

Performing & Visual Arts

Open Hour for drinks with the Artist to see the 10 art pieces as part of a spiritual reflection of the season using art.

For this year’s season of Advent, we will be drawing on the creative collaboration of the artist Ric Stott and poet Ian Adams. We will be drawing on an art piece and poem that reflects the significance of the season in both the Sunday Morning and Evening Services and prayer during the week.

This exhibition show cases 10 paintings by Roc Stott and 10 poems by Ian Adams drawn from a published art and poetry collection called 'Temenos' published by

Four of the pieces of art and poems of this collection have been selected for each week of the Season of Advent this year. You will be able to see the whole 10 paintings and poems that include the four selected.

The open hour will be followed by a Contemplative Service which will be using one of the poems and art works for particular spiritual attention.

For more information on this event and others as part of the spiritual and artistic reflection on advent see:


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