Tuesday 21 January 18:00 - 21:00

ASOS - Head Office Camden, London
Hampstead Road

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ASOS Londroid

Science & Technology

In January 2020, we bring you a collaborative Londroid with the Engineering team at ASOS.

🎟Tickets: To attend you will need an Eventbrite ticket to gain entrance to this free event. The tickets open for registration on the 9th of January at 11 am.

🙂Be kind to each other: Londroid events are dedicated to providing inclusive & safe experiences for everyone. Before attending please read our code of conduct.


📝Evening schedule 📝

6:00 Registration and drinks

6:55 Welcome and introductions

7:00 Talk one

7:30 Q&A

7:40 Break

7:45 ASOS talk

8:15 Q&A

8:25 Socialising and food

9:30 Event close


🗣Everything They Don’t Tell You About Dynamic Features and Instant Apps

Creating an Android project that is decoupled enough to be able to release an individual feature as an instant app is a tough ask. It becomes even more daunting when your starting point is a monolithic, single module project. In this talk we’ll go over how the Cricket World Cup 2019 app went from a 56MB APK to a 16MB app bundle + 4MB instant app, and we’ll show every single problem we hit along the way.

Speaker: Jamie Adkins

Jamie is a huge sports fan and has been building sports apps at Pulselive for the last 3 years. In 2019, Jamie was the Android lead on the Cricket World Cup 2019 app, bringing news, videos and live scores (and an instant app!) to cricket fans around the world.




🗣ASOS Talk: How to deliver features faster, with greater confidence

Let's be honest, we all know the struggle of getting a release out on time. Especially when there's multiple features, multiple teams and multiple merge conflicts involved. In this talk, we'll take you through the scripts, tools and techniques that we use to make our development faster and easier, without compromising on quality or confidence.


Peng Jiang:

Peng is a Lead Android Engineer at ASOS, where he has worked for 4 years. He always tries to use the latest and greatest technology to bring the best user experience for our ASOS Customers. In his free time, he also likes playing with Flutter and Swift.

Olivier Bonal:

Olivier is also a Lead Lead Android Engineer at ASOS, where he has worked for more than 3 years. As a Google fanboy, he has started developing Android apps since the first SDK dropped from Google at the end of 2007 and never stopped since.

Agnieszka Ziemba:

Aga is a Senior QA Engineer at ASOS, who looks after the quality of the ASOS Android app. Apart from developing automated test suites with Espresso, she is also taking care of the CI pipeline. She enjoys working closely with engineering and product teams to create great-looking, bug-free and well-performing mobile apps.


About ASOS and the Technology Team:

ASOS Technology is going through an exciting period of transition and major investment. – this includes a number of strategic programmes to deliver the amazing technology and business solutions to support our ambitious global growth plans. At the heart of these plans is the rebuilding of our digital platforms and channels to provide the best shopping experience for our customers. Our plan is designed to enable us to really put our mobile experience first, enable personalisation and support a data-driven organisation. We are also making significant investments in all our Buying, Merchandising, Finance and People systems with the latest toolsets and applications to accelerate the next phase of our global growth. We are also improving our ways of working within Technology to enable autonomous platform development and improve our engineering and agile practices. Here at ASOS, we want to give everyone the confidence to be their best self, because when you’re at your best you can achieve amazing things.


Our Technology team pioneer incredible solutions that change the way our millions of customers access fashion. We believe that fashion can make you look, feel and be the best version of you and it’s this feeling of empowerment that we want our ASOSers to experience while working with us. 

Our ASOSers reflect the diverse society they live in; we celebrate our differences and welcome people from all different walks of life. We’re looking for people who can live and breathe our values of being authentic, brave and creative and we don’t care about labels- we recognise there are endless ways to be ‘you’

Read the ASOS Tech blog ➡️

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🤝Get involved

We are always looking for collaboration in many forms. Join the Londroid team and get involved by speaking, hosting, volunteering or MC-ing. Reach out and start the conversations with us.

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