Friday 11 October 19:00 - 21:00

Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Town Hall Approach Road
N15 4RX


Black Steps | Exhibition (Private View)

Performing & Visual Arts

An audio-visual journey from struggle to ascension.

Private View: Friday 11th October (RSVP above)

β€œSuccess is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which [they have] overcome while trying to succeed.”- Booker.T.Washington

Throughout history, individuals and communities who have made the UK their home, have been misunderstood and marginalised. This exhibition is a part of a movement to make heard the voices of the silenced.

In Black Steps, the story of the Black British experience is told through the lens of black creatives, and displays an unapologetic view of life in black Britain. This experience will be an audio-visual journey into the hearts and minds of British communities of colour, with art work produced by the UK’s most talented artists.

Point: Black is a group of London based black creatives working with the Bernie Grant Trust and Emergency Exit Arts to deliver β€˜Black Steps', a visual arts exhibition that focuses on the experiences of Black British people in the UK. The exhibition centers on politics, with a clear focus on race, following the work and legacy of Bernie Grant, one of the first Black British Members of Parliament.

Private View: Friday 11th October (RSVP above)

Public Viewing: Saturday 12th October - Thursday 31st October

(Booking not required. Subject to the centre's opening times)


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