Friday 17 February 18:00 - 22:00

Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels
100 Minories

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Blockchain/Metaverse/NFT/GameFi Meetup @ Tower Suites

Science & Technology

Join us for an evening of short talks, networking, canapΓ©s and a drink or two (or three, or four!)

Located at the iconic Tower Suites, overlooking the Tower of London, join us in a private room before heading up to the Skyline Bar, which boasts unforgettable and unrivalled panoramic views across London

Genuinely decentralized, sustainable and built on Microsoft's .NET Core, Stratis is a leading London-based layer-1 blockchain solution founded in 2016. With an architecture based upon Bitcoin (UTXO-based), the most secure blockchain to date, combined with Stratis' implementation of Proof-of-Authority, the Stratis blockchain produces a low carbon footprint thanks to energy-efficient block production. Stratis provides a feature-rich ecosystem with tooling and Software-Development-Kits that allow solutions to be built with confidence and assurance, thanks to the mature underlying framework.

Meet people who are building on Stratis, are interested in the STRAX Token or are new to blockchain technologies.

Are you thinking of building a blockchain-based gaming project? Want to explore the Metaverse? Are you keen to learn more about NFTs and understand Web3?

Come along and meet the Stratis team and other like-minded guests who have a true passion for blockchain technologies.

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