Wednesday 30 October 18:30 - 20:00

King's College London
Bush House
30, Aldwych


Book Launch: Always at War: British Public Narratives of War

Government & Politics


Dr Thomas Colley will present his new book Always at War: British Public Narratives of War

Compelling narratives are integral to successful foreign policy, military strategy, and international relations. Yet rarely in these fields are the stories of 'ordinary' citizens told. The formation of strategic narratives is informed by the stories governments think their people tell, rather than those they actually tell. Always at War examines the stories told by a broad cross-section of British society about their country's past, present, and future role in war. Rather than perceiving distinct periods between war and peace, it reveals how British citizens see their nation as so frequently involved in conflict that they see the country as continuously at war. With tensions over Brexit increasing, it reveals the war stories that define British national identity, its relationship with Europe, and considers the place of war in Britain's future.


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