Tuesday 21 November 16:30 - 18:30

IAS Forum, G17, South Wing
Gower Street


Book launch: Rethinking Drug Laws: Theory, History, Politics

Government & Politics

The UCL Centre for Capitalism Studies is pleased to welcome Professor Toby Seddon.

Toby Seddonโ€™s 'Rethinking Drug Laws: Theory, History, Politics' (Oxford UP)

This book draws on diverse social science disciplines - law, sociology, criminology, political science, economics - to present a new regulatory perspective on drug control and drug law reform. It develops a novel theoretical framework for looking at drug control laws, provides a new account of the origins of global drug prohibition and explores ways of developing a 'better politics' of drugs.

The UCL Centre for Capitalism Studies is a world-leading centre for critical interdisciplinary research into the past, present, and future of capitalism. It brings together UCL faculty and students studying how markets, finance and economic institutions shape our everyday life, structure societiesโ€™ capacity to change, and are contested and remade across time and space.

About the Speaker

Toby Seddon is Professor of Social Science and Head of the UCL Social Research Institute. He works on historical and inter-disciplinary social science research on drug policy and drug law reform.

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