Tuesday 23 April 16:00 - 19:00

20 Bedford Way
20 Bedford Way

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Book talk: Advocacy and Change in International Organizations

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Communication, Protection, and Reconstruction in UN Peacekeeping

How do international organizations change? Many organisations expand into new areas or abandon programmes of work. Advocacy and Change in International Organizations argues that they do so not only at the collective direction of member states. Advocacy is a crucial but overlooked source of change in international organizations. Different actors can advocate for change: national diplomats, international bureaucrats, external experts, or civil society activists. They can use one of three advocacy strategies: social pressure, persuasion, and 'authority talk'. The success of each strategy depends on the presence of favourable conditions related to characteristics of advocates, targets, issues, and context.

Institutionalization of new issues in international organizations is a multi-stage process, often accompanied by contestation.

This event will be followed by a networking reception.




  • Dr Kate Cronin-Furman, Associate Professor in Human Rights, Department of Political Science, UCL
  • Dr Yulia Ioffe, Assistant Professor in Humanitarian law and Human Rights, Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, UCL


  • Dr Estella Carpi, Assistant Professor in Humanitarian Studies, Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, UCL

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