Tuesday 21 January 18:30 - 21:00

Phoenix Court
2 Brill Place

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Bridging the Gap: A pragmatic data training

Business & Professional

This 2 hour session will give you the concepts and skills to confidently use data for yourself and with your team.

Who is it for:

Data novices, data experts and everyone in between.


Most data training sessions will look to turn data novices into analysts by teaching them SQL and how to build complex dashboards. In our session, we take a more pragmatic approach. By bringing together business users and data analysts we focus on developing skills that enhance the working relationship between these two functions. By the end of the training, data users will feel more confident using data in daily decisions, and analysts will understand how to better collaborate with their business partners. In this session, you'll learn techniques like how to develop a common language for business questions and data queries, how to validate your results, and how to assemble an analysis for anyone to use.

The format:

Part 1: Establishing a common context

Part 2: Creating a common language

This session is designed to be interactive; we will be working in small groups to practice the concepts discussed. We'll be using some exclusive Spotify data too!

Please bring your laptops, and some snacks and drinks will be provided to keep us going :)


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