Saturday 24 April 12:00 - 18:00

BSMT Space
529 Kingsland Road
E8 4AR

Tickets Unavailable

BSMT presents Futurstalgia, a duo show with .EPOD and NERONE.

Performing & Visual Arts

Welcome to Futurstalgia

A landscape that is strangely familiar and evokes the colour fades, chrome and neon of 80's design yet is futuristic, atmospheric and female. 

BSMT is proud to announce the fusion of .EPOD's  architectural and surrealist portraiture with the vibrancy of NERONE's organic and neon nightlife in this two person show that will officially kick off our exhibition programme for 2021 curated around Nostalgia. 

London-born .EPOD hails from a high-rise estate, his love for urban city life and industrial architecture being the catalyst that inspired his early career work. His style has developed to be a fusion of graffiti, concept paintings and fine art, transporting the viewer to alternate realities while playing on preconceptions of the future. 

French-born NERONE is inspired by the energy and vivid atmosphere of the street, his work evokes the labyrinth of city night-life while simultaneously fusing club culture, neon and the more natural element of his alluring flowers. His work looks to a more immediate future and the ecological and economic challenges that lie ahead. 

Expect a gorgeous combination of high-fashion and portraiture with flawless colour combinations and textures that are at once retro with a highly futuristic slant. 

'Futurstalgia' opens with a private view on Saturday April 24th from 12pm - 6pm and will run from April 25th to May 8th. 

To attend the opening please head to for ticket bookings. (Booking only required for Sat 24th)

Find us at : BSMT, 529 Kingsland Rd, London, E84AR.


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