Tuesday 8 November 18:00 - 20:00

The Bridge
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Building a network of Great Green Walking and Cycling Routes in London

Health & Wellness

How can we build an inspiring network of green walking and cycling routes in London? Join three experts to discuss.

London has some inspiring and treasured green walking, wheeling (the use of wheelchairs and mobility scooters) and cycling routes in London. From the Thames Path to the Capital Ring, and from the National Cycle Network to the Central London Footways, Londoners and visitors can access amazing sites and views, supporting health, community, transport and tourism.

But these disparate routes are not connected into a coherent network, not always easy to navigate, often not accessible or welcoming to everyone (e.g. people using wheelchairs, or cycling), and not well maintained. They are also not extensive enough: the Ramblers and five supporting organisations have proposed six new walking and wheeling routes to connect us with inspiring green spaces, sites of interest, waterways and nature. The National Cycle Network is not integrated with the TfL Cycleway Network.

Building a coherent, high-quality and more extensive network is vital for health. Under half of adults, and even fewer children, achieve even the basic recommended levels of physical activity, contributing to a public health crisis.

So what is needed to make this vision happen?

This Street Talks will bring together three speakers to outline the case for change, the barriers to that change happening, and how they can be overcome. What is the role of local community, campaign and volunteer groups in bringing about this change? And how can we ensure that the benefits of such a network are equitably spread across the population?


6pm - registration and refreshments

6.30pm - talks begin

• Welcome and introduction from James Cleeton, Sustrans London Director

• [invited] Ramblers/ Inner London Ramblers representative – six new walking routes for London

• [Sustrans - National Cycle Network volunteer or staff member] – improving and growing the National Cycle Network in London and beyond

• TBC - [accessing green routes and nature to support health in London]

7.15pm - discussion and Q&A

Street Talks aim to Inform, Include and Inspire:

• Inform Londoners about big ideas to change the way we use our streets in London.

• Include London’s diverse perspectives in the conversation.

• Inspire action among Londoners to campaign for change.

We love to hear from people who rock the boat and challenge the status quo.

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